Purple Sweet Potato Extract

Product Name:Purple Sweet Potato Extract

Description:Extracted and refined from selected Purple Sweet Potato, belong to the anthocyanins compounds

Appearance:red purple liquid or powder

Specification : E1%1cm (530±10nm):E60

Application Area:Used as Natural Herbal Pigment (EU 163)
Used in frozen drinks (except 0 3.0 4 eating ice), make-up to candy and cakes, fruit and vegetable juice (pulp), beverages, dispensing wine.


Product Description

Purple sweet potato is rich in nutrition, rich in protein, starch, dietary fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals, in addition to the nutrients of ordinary sweet potato, but also rich in selenium and anthocyanin, two special biological active substances, for the body has a variety of effects.

Function and Usage

Slow down the aging

Calcium supplements

To protect the liver

Boost immunity

Lower blood pressure