Purple Carrot Extract

Product Name Purple Carrot Extract

DescriptionExtracted and refined from selected purple carrot, belong to the anthocyanins compounds

Appearance:dark red-purple powder

Specification: E1%1cm (524±5nm):E60

Application Area:Used as Natural Herbal Pigment (EU 163)
Widely used in fruit juice, jam, candy, cakes, ice cream, and fermented food as colorant.


Product Description

Black carrots contain proanthocyanidins, which reduce eye strain and increase blood vessel elasticity, preventing cholesterol buildup. Purple and black fruits contain more vitamin C than light-colored fruits. In addition, the content of potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals in purple and black fruits is also higher than other fruits.

Function and Usage

Boost immunity

Reduce blood sugar and blood fat

Prevention of hypertension

Slow down liver dysfunction

Improve your vision