Gardenia Yellow

Product Name: Gardenia Yellow

Description: Extracted and refined from selected gardenia’s fruits, belong to the crocin compounds

Appearance:yellow or brown yellow powder

Specification: E1%1cm (440±5nm):E60

Application Area: Used as Natural Herbal Pigment
Used in frozen drinks (except 0 3.0 4 eating ice), candied fruit, cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products(including Generation of cocoa butter chocolateand products),candy, instant rice and flour products, cakes, cookies, spices (except 1 2.0 1 salt and salt products), fruit and vegetable juice (pulp) beverages, dispensing wine, jelly, snack food, etc.


Product Description

Gardenia contains saffron acid, gardenia glycoside, isogardenia glycoside, gardenia ketone glycoside and so on. In addition, also contains D- mannitol, ursolic acid and so on. With antipyretic, analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and other effects.

Function and Usage

Protecting the liver and promoting the gallbladder

Antibacterial anti-inflammatory

Prolong sleep

Lower blood pressure