Beet Red Extract

Product Name:Beet Red Extract

Description:Extracted and refined from selected Beet root, belong to the Betanin compounds

Appearance:purple-red powder

Specification : E1%1cm (535nm):E50—200

Application Area:Used as Natural Herbal Pigment (EU 162)
Widely used in food industry including canned foods,fruity beverages,soft drink,candy,integrated alcoholic beverages,pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as a perfect colorant.


Product Description

Beet powder is rich in potassium and vitamins A and C, magnesium, vitamin B2, iron, copper, calcium, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, zinc, niacin, folic acid. Beetroot powder has certain water solubility and can be widely used in food. Vitamin A is used to maintain the health of cell membranes, mucus and skin, and is important for the protection of vision.

Function and Usage

Boost immune function

Invigorate the circulation of blood

Lower blood pressure

Improves digestion

Improve blood circulation